Monday, March 21, 2011

Energize me captain!

This morning's meal is going to be peanut butter & jelly with water and a banana :D.  The pizza contains vegetable with light sauce on thin crust, so shouldn't be that bad.

Also goign to take some fish oil.  Heard from a friend that it does little, but I find myself feeling better after having it.

Also, looking any site that have legit information, you'll see why fish oil is so great for yourself!  Check them out you might learn something.

Update: I've also eatened Chinese food (probably the worst food I can eat), but made up part of it by working my butt off between busting my ass off for this game and all the mountains I climbed up and down.  I am now going to be strict and eat water and something light for dinner.

Protein shake is what I'll be taking before going to bed because according to research, takes the longest to break-down.  This makes it a great night time snack so you won't be having midnight cravings when you wake up.

If you must have something besides fish, protein shake, or egg, you may also have a bit of cheese since it is almost pure fat.  In other words, lay off the candy before bed.


  1. Is it good at taste? i am afraid to taste it :D

  2. i started doing fitness 2 weeks ago and i am eating tuna every day

  3. fish oil is good, but I dislike the taste!
    also, hello banana! xD

    following :)

  4. I take fish oil every day. It's also great for the complexion :)


  5. I just eat fish haha, I'm sure I have lots of its oil by now. Followed!

  6. Hey Im supportin your goals! one step at a time! good luck and keep the posts comin! Im following!