Tuesday, March 22, 2011

road to Cool is the place to Rule to have girls Drool

I have not a fucking clue what the title is about.

But on a more serious note, today I'm working out hard, I had a pretty decent breakfast managed with a measuring cup (never did that before I just put a ton of it into a bowl no matter how small/big lol).Excercise is a thing that I like to focus on more than the eating, as you can lose weight no matter what you eat

The only problem with that diets in my mind is:

1. Is a dull plan to be doing and you'll surely feel like your starving till you give up on your over-sized cravings.  (Though I suppose it's a diet that I stopped eating fast foods and eating less processed foods, but I'm still eating when I'm hungry nothing planned and I still can get cravings for McDonalds chicken nuggets).

2. The purpose of a good excercise is that there is so many excercises you can do.  Most of which if you know the right places to look won't cost you a penny (sorry gyms, I'm more fond of push ups, sit ups, pull ups, and isometric training).

3. If you can find a private place (or if you just don't give a fuck), you can work out in the sun, which not only will your toned body have a nice tan along with it, but being out in the sun and fresh air feels so much better.

To diet at the end will leave you a stick, but to have a toned body ready to take on the world will let you run away from cops :D.  Ok, maybe not run away from cops, but it can only help you in the long run.

So as for today, I'm going to put 60 uninterupted minutes into working out.

10 mins jumping jacks
10 push-ups 5 times
50 sit-ups 5 times
3 pull-ups 5 times (I honestly wish I can do more of these)
then 5 minutes of running up and down the stairs for cooldown

Each progress except jumping jacks and running I'm going to take a 1 minute break in-between.  Mostly so I can encourage myself to have no excuse if I try to slack.


  1. Good plan for begining. Also funny video hehe. Try "weider six exercise" it's great to body-build.

  2. great plan, but Id recommend taking a look at some work out dvds, specially one named Insanity, I did one round of it, it is just great!

  3. Yea.. insanity is ... well.. its insane! i'm doing it now, just started but its awesome.

  4. Nice post, I like reading stuff like this, hell I look like I'm pregnant lol time for pushups. I should post some of these tip on my blog http://floridaweddinginformation.blogspot.com/