Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Post to Success!

I am 23 years old who is a complete fuck-up.  I am overweight, I have no girlfriend, and I just got recently fired over a job that I completely hated in the first place.

But I will change that starting today.

I will be posting in hopes that I can either A. look back on my mistakes and laugh at what I've done or B. successfully make it happen.

I currently weight 327 lbs right now.  The army limit is somewhere around 230 lbs.  Which means I must lose 100 lbs to even be considered of coming into their club.

2nd, I must find a job that I can be satisfied with, probably taking another job to fill my financial needs.

3rd and finally, I must win over the heart of the only girl I seem to have any feelings for.  Before anyone says it, no I have not been in love with her all my life or anything, it's the weirdest thing, felt weird too.  But ya, she is the coolest person I've met tho dumb as fuck.

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